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A desert knight crawls over a ridge, the blazing sun beating down on their back. Grabbing their blade and whispering a short prayer, they slide down the cliffside, leaping to action as a sand myxini chases them.

A merchant's guide counts his coins as he prepares for another day of travel. The desert may seem barren to some, but it has proven a profitable venture for those brave enough to master it.

A bounty hunter stalks their prey, following them through the streets of Oasis. A target of the Heralds, this is an assignment the bounty hunter cannot risk failing. 

Wanderer's Guide to Prosgia is a brand new setting, compatible with the 5th edition of the world's most popular RPG! Wanderer's Guide to Prosgia introduces new character options, spells, magical items, devious creatures, and an elemental desert setting to experience it all in. 

Explore Oasis, a sprawling city-state that rules the barren desert. The Heralds rule with an iron fist, constantly balancing between suppressing civil disorder and maintaining their own profits. The Opal Scribes seek to further their research, needing daring adventurers to explore the unknown corners of the desert in order to bring back specimens for analysis. 

Prosgia is the perfect setting to start your 5th edition adventure! Use it as a location for your one-shots, as reference for your campaign’s political system, or as a far off land to hunt for rare magical items and spells in! 


  • Detailed information on the city of Oasis, including its political structure, local flora and fauna, class hierarchy, and more!
  • A regional map of Prosgia, detailing most of the unique locations that Prosgia has to offer! 
  • A bundled one-shot adventure for four 3rd level adventurers. Stop the evil Cult of the Phoenix God from raising their patron! Complete with battlemaps and detailed instructions on how to run the adventure.
  • A detailed pantheon of gods.
  • 5 new monsters! Giant oasis mimics, gemmed badgers, and more!
  • 3 new backgrounds: Desert Guide, Elemental Disciple, and Opal Scholar.
  • 2 new subclasses: Rogues can elect to become Bounty Hunters, becoming specialized hunters prepared for any job, and Monks may harness the power of the desert to unleash the Way of the Sandstorm.
  • The full SRD 5.1 as a separate PDF

Creative Lead: Dany Francis

Writers: Dany Francis, Matthew Hamm, Anthony Alvarez, Ethan Michaels, Dylan Deardorff, Autumn Wolverton

Designers: Dany Francis, Matthew Hamm, Dylan Deardorff, Ethan Michaels

Cover Illustrator: Zoey Laytart

Interior Illustrators: Avery Knowlton, Ethan Chen, Stan Caldwell

Cartographers: Matthew Hamm, Dany Francis

Producer: Ethan Michaels


Wanderer's Guide to Prosgia.pdf 5 MB
Wanderer's Guide to Prosgia B&W.pdf 4 MB
SRD-OGL_V5.1.pdf 4 MB

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